24 Illustrated Songs of Leonard Cohen

More than a book, a way to say «thank you». My personal tribute to the poet who put the right words in relevant moments of my life. We created this project with Alberto Manzano and Jordi Vicente. Alberto and myself selected 24 songs to be illustrated, and I proposed the other 7 illustrators to join me in this adventure. Thanks again to all of them.

24 Leonard Cohen’s lyrics illustrated by:
Pep Monserrat, Sonia Pulido, Daniel Sesé,
Imaplà, Carlos Cubeiro, Elena Odriozola,
Elisa Arguilé, Arnal Ballester.
Cover self-portrait: © Courtesy of Leonard Cohen
Texts: Alberto Manzano
Graphic design: Carlos Cubeiro
Publisher: 451 Editores
Year: 2011