5 Tips for Starting your own Brokerage Firm

You may be asked to verify your identity by the agent as part of compliance with Money Laundering Regulations, and you should not be unduly disturbed by this. You should ensure that your counterparty is genuine and is not on a “fishing trip” to find out commercially sensitive information on behalf of a third party. Negotiations often stall at various stages and for a variety of reasons. It is important to use a broker who is able to handle the size of your deal. For some brokers, they will only gear up to a maximum amount and others will not deal below a certain amount.

how to start a business brokerage company

It is therefore crucial to recognise, understand and prioritise your requirements, so that the deal is a “win-win” for both parties. Normally this is the amount which you are paying over and above the value of assets and stock. how to start a broker business With a practice sale almost all of the payment is goodwill as in reality you are not actually selling anything tangible nor can you sell your clients per se – they are not slaves nor are they beholden to your practice.

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A broker is like an estate agent, except they only sell businesses. Like an estate agent, the broker prepares particulars, advertises businesses for sale anonymously online and holds the hands of both parties. ​Hiring a no-sale-no-fee broker is NOT a zero risk proposition. Some of these business brokers are the most dangerous and exploitative ones around and account for https://xcritical.com/ the large majority of cases that end up in court. The broker answers questions, meets with these prospective buyers, accompanies them on visits to the client business and coaxes each one along to a point where they are ready to make an offer. As explained in the previous tab, a business needs to be a certain size to benefit from the assistance of a business broker.

how to start a business brokerage company

It could be that you have been asked to deposit some money by a solicitor as a potential payback in the event that something goes wrong during the defining period. Inevitably, the Chancellor wishes to get his hands on the proceeds earned from this deal and it is essential that the deal is structured in such a way to minimise the tax paid by the seller. The buyer will also be concerned that there are no hidden tax liabilities which may potentially transfer to him after the purchase and it is possible to take out insurance against this. Once again, specialist advice is needed and if it is beyond your experience do not be embarrassed to ask for guidance. At Maximiti we firmly believe in screening enquiries at the outset and ensure that you do not waste time with tyre-kickers and other agents pitching for business. Whilst this may reduce the number of enquiries, it will mean better quality enquiries which ultimately means a quicker sale with more beneficial terms to the seller.

Why would you sell your business?

In this blog post, we will explain the entire process, from start to finish. Transworld Business Advisors understands the importance of these relationships. In networking with both buyers and sellers, strengthen your portfolio to secure future deal success.

how to start a business brokerage company

Plus, with trained people in place you will have more liberty to take vacation, spend time with family, or work on other business ventures. When start-up owners and independent contractors go on vacation, the business goes too. Selling a company is much more complex than selling a house. A successful business sale usually requires a great deal of pre-planning, at least a year and maybe as long as three years to drive sales, develop key staff, document the operations and control expenses. Putting a value on a business is far more difficult and complex than valuing a house. Every business is different, with hundreds of variables that have an impact on the value.

How do business brokers work?

When appointing a business broker or business selling agent, you will need to understand their payment terms and avoid parties charging an extortionate upfront fee. At Maximiti we believe upfront fees should not be paid except for specific campaign fees. If you have been asked for upfront fees by a broker you should be extremely wary and you will probably find in the first few weeks or months, they will be bending over backwards for you, giving you many leads. At Maximiti we firmly believe that our fees should be based on results and any broker who is not competent enough to base their fee upon a result should be treated with caution.

Simply click on the button below and we’ll schedule a chat to discuss anything to do with Buying or Selling a Business, Business Valuations or Funding for Acquisitions, so long as it’s UK based. Sitting down with a mediator as a means to fleshing out agreement in a contentious or thorny issue before it develops into an argument or falling-out, is time and money well spent. Julian’s discretion and organisational ability enables us to deliver the boutique service that underpins our operation and bring our team of experts together for your benefit. All of the above will be taken into consideration when deciding what multiple to pitch your practice at, in addition to whether or not there are any potential problems lurking beneath the surface that need to be declared. The number of partners and their plans for retirement, as well as how involved they are on a day to day basis will also influence what can be achieved. The multiple is also affected by location, with large cities typically holding up well and rural practices fetching lower multiples.