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Using the Animation Pane, you’ll add and reorder animated text and objects on slides. You’ll discover how to apply advanced animation effects to text and objects on slides, and slide and layout masters. You’ll apply animation to text and slide objects and use the Animations tab to add animation to slide or layout masters. You’ll also find out how to add sound effects, such as a chime or coin sound, to slide transitions.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Lessons

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online. Courses are also available individually via digital download and online for a one-time charge. Insert, add text to, and format SmartArt graphics to quickly add diagrams to your presentation which will assist you to tell your story.

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The first part of the course focuses on working with slides and the ways that users can create and customize layouts. Objects make up the content seen in a slideshow presentation, so we cover step-by-step how to add and edit text, images, shapes, diagrams, graphs and charts. These objects are common in PowerPoint presentations, so they will make up a majority of your slides. We will learn basic functions, such as creating presentations, slides, and changing layouts. We will also explore more advanced features, such as collaborating in PowerPoint, SmartArt, and delivering presentations. If you are looking to add a competitive edge to your presentations and create PowerPoint slides that truly impress, then this is the course for you.

You will learn how to catch your audience’s attention with PowerPoint’s visual features like photo album. As you become acquainted to Office 365, you will learn how to utilize OneDrive and PowerPoint Online’s cross-functionality—saving, editing, and sharing your presentations online. Whether you are completely new to PowerPoint or upgrading from an older version, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a proficient user. We have incorporated years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques to develop an easy-to-use course that you can customize to meet your personal learning needs.

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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint with this comprehensive course from TeachUcomp, Inc. Mastering PowerPoint Made Easy features 102 video lessons of introductory through advanced instruction. Watch, listen and learn as your expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step.

Is PowerPoint 2019 free?

No, you can't. Microsoft PowerPoint is a paid software and you can only download it if you own a standalone product key, a Microsoft Office license or you're paying for a Microsoft 365 subscription. It's not all bad news though. If you want to use PowerPoint, you can use its online version for free.

Reuse existing slides in your current presentation to save development time, as well as changing the order in which your slides play within a slideshow. Add smooth or exciting transitions between slides to increase the smoothness and continuity of your slideshow into an almost movie-like format. The different PowerPoint views allow you to work on different parts of your presentation such as slides, slide thumbnails, text and running your presentation as a slideshow. Use a professionally designed template to save time creating a presentation.

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A great PowerPoint presentation can be the difference between a sale won or lost, a successful or failed investment, and a new initiative launched or sidelined. Microsoft PowerPoint includes many tools and features to help in all these scenarios, yet so few people make full use of this amazing tool. Most Microsoft official courses will include post-lab access ranging from 30 to 180 calendar days after instructor led course delivery. A lab training key in class will be provided that can be leveraged to continue connecting to a remote lab environment for the individual course attendee. In this lesson, we will learn how to create a master slide and presentation and customize slide elements.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Lessons

Add and work with shapes, which are one of the most important building blocks on a slide, including rectangles, ovals, and triangles. Quickly change the colors, fonts, effects or design of your entire presentation in almost a single mouse click. The course is PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, and Microsoft 365 compliant (previously known as Office 365). Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 for PC, so you can learn the techniques across these versions. We have 30 Million registered users and counting who have advanced their careers with us. Use your certification to make a career change or to advance in your current career.