Solutions to Solve Blu-ray Player Won’t Play A Blu-ray Disc

Can you let me know if this would work for Region B players? As i did it and now the thing will only play my region 1 dvds. If you have found mistakes during downloading, please email to We will endeavour to solve these as soon as possible. Other problems, please try to contact publisher’s official support Talking to SquareTrade, their warranty coverage might be a good solution for those looking to buy a Blu-ray player and are worried about this issue. At $21 for $100-$150 Blu-ray player, you get a total three-year warranty that will protect you in case of lack of support, as well as other more common hardware issues.

In March 2002 the forum approved a proposal, which was endorsed by Warner Bros. and other motion picture studios. The proposal involved compressing high-definition video onto dual-layer standard DVD-9 discs. In spite of this decision, however, the DVD Forum’s Steering Committee announced in April that it was pursuing its own blue-laser high-definition video solution. In August, Toshiba and NEC announced their competing standard, the Advanced Optical Disc. Button and follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware.

Physical media

I’ve got an older Sony Blu-ray player, a BDP-S300 model. I was trying to watch Burn After Reading tonight and the movie would not start. Not because the disc was damaged, but because it had some embedded software that didn’t work with the Blu-ray player’s old firmware — software that it used to START PLAYING THE MOVIE. The update firmware option is greyed out on my player. It’s connected to my router with a cable and it can access the internet. Please note that all Samsung BD-P1000 players – including players sold since US market launch this Spring – are compatible with movies to be released on dual-layer BD-ROM discs from this Fall.

  • Once the files are extracted successfully, click OK and right away disconnect the flash drive.
  • Click on the USB icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Added the Dolby Vision «Player-led processing» mode for compatibility with recent Sony Dolby Vision TVs and firmware updates.

If the computer with the HP DVD Writer is not connected to the internet, the latest firmware update can also be downloaded from HP’s support web site. Compare the version information reported from the HP MyDrive utility with the latest firmware version available for download. If a firmware update is not posted for the HP DVD Writer, the DVD Writer already has the latest firmware version and no new firmware update is currently available for the drive. Sony’s home theater audio receiver can be used with any audio format, including Google Home, Chromecast, and Spotify. HDMI 4K Ultra HD and 3D pass-through technologies enable you to use these devices with 3D TVs, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles.

How to fix HDMI setup issues

The instructions for updating firmware on Samsung TV vary from model to model and the latest update may not be available through the internet. If your TV is not supported by the latest software update, you may want to consider purchasing a streaming box instead. A streaming box gets continuous updates and support, and it will last longer than a television.

Make sure the disc tray is empty, and then insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the player. I connected the BD-E5300 to my network via an ethernet cable. Then via the menu system I looked at the current version and was surprised to see E5400 referenced and not E5300. Then I got the player to check for an update and it listed another E5400 update, which I installed. Therefore, you’d better access a reliable resource. Here we recommend Driver Talent and you can access its official firmware & driver update list.